How Much Does 100 Paintballs Cost

Paintball is an exciting, fast-paced outdoor sport that continues to grow in popularity year after year. If you’re new to the game, one of the first things you’ll need to purchase before you start playing is paintballs – the gelatin capsules filled with colored liquid that serve as ammunition for paintball markers.

When buying paintballs, they are commonly sold in bundles of 100. So how much can you expect to pay for 100 paintballs? The prices can range widely depending on the quality, brand, caliber, and where you buy them. In this article, we’ll break down the different factors that affect the cost of paintballs and give you an idea of typical 100 paintball prices.

Buying Paintballs: Shop Local vs. Online

Local Pro Shop/Field


– Can buy same day
– Support local business


– Often higher cost
– Limited bulk quantity deals

Online Stores


– Cheaper prices buying bulk
– More variety and availability


– Wait for shipping
– Can’t buy same day

Factors that Influence Paintball Prices

Tournament-grade paintballs from premium brands bought at local shops will be the most expensive. Cheapest options are store brand recreational paintballs bought in bulk online.

Several key factors impact how much you’ll pay for 100 paintballs:

Quality Level
Paintballs come in different quality grades from basic recreational to high-end tournament grade. Lower quality paintballs have thinner shells that are more likely to break inside the marker. Higher tournament-grade paintballs have thicker shells that are more durable and less prone to in-barrel breaks. These higher grade paintballs cost more per 100 count.

Brand Name
Major paintball brands like GI Sportz, Empire, and Valken charge a premium for their paintballs vs. lower-cost store brands or no-name paint. You’re paying for the brand name and reputation with the major brands.

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Caliber Size
While .68 caliber is the standard size for most paintball markers, there are larger variants like .50 caliber. The larger the paintball, the more material is used and the higher the cost per 100 count.

Where You Buy
Buying paintballs at the local pro shop or field will often come with a markup. You’ll find better bulk pricing buying paintballs online and having them shipped. But buying at the field or store does have the advantage of getting them same day.

Typical 100 Paintball Prices

With these factors in mind, here are typical prices for 100 count paintballs:

– Basic recreational grade – $10 to $20
These are the cheapest paintballs using the lowest grade materials. Simple thin shells, basic fill, and cheaper manufacturing. But they work fine for casual recreational play.

– Mid-range tournament grade – $25 to $35
A step up in quality and durability. Name brand paintballs at this price are good for intermediate players and scenario games. Provides a balance of affordability and performance.

– High-end tournament grade – $50+ per 100 count
The top shelf paintballs with thick, bright shells and high-visibility fills. Used in professional tournaments and by sponsored teams. Excellent consistency and accuracy. But generally overkill for the average recreational player.

Paintball Gear Cost Comparison

EquipmentEntry-Level PriceMid-Range PriceHigh-End Price
Air Tank$100$150$300
Paintballs (per 100)$10$30$50+

Other Paintball Costs

While paintballs are your main consumable cost, there are some other expenses to factor in:

Paintball Loader/Hopper
This feeds paintballs from the loader into the marker. Essential gear but not too expensive. Basic loaders start around $50. High-end electronic loaders can cost up to $150.

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Compressed Air Tank
Tanks filled with compressed air propel the paintballs out of the marker. You’ll need at least one tank. Aluminum tanks cost $100 to $300 depending on size. Carbon fiber tanks are lighter but pricier.

Paintball Marker Rental
If you want to try paintball before buying all the gear, you can rent equipment. Marker rentals are usually $30 to $100 per day depending on the model. This lets you sample the sport before fully committing.

Get Started with Affordable Paintball

Paintball provides thrilling outdoor fun. While not cheap, you can start playing affordably:

– Buy recreational paintballs in bulk online
– Rent equipment first before buying
– Choose entry-level gear to save money
– Buy a refurbished marker to save on costs
– Consider buying used from other players

The enjoyment of paintball is worth the investment! Grab some friends, rent gear, and book your first paintball experience today.

Paintball Gear Glossary

Marker – The paintball gun powered by compressed air. Also called a paintball gun.

Loader/Hopper – Feeds paintballs into the marker from a holding container. Mounts on top.

Air Tank – Holds compressed air that provides power to shoot paintballs.

Mask – Protective face mask required for safety. Offers impact protection.

FAQs on Paintball Costs

If you’re new to paintball, you probably still have some questions around costs and gear. Here are answers to some common beginner questions:

How much does renting paintball equipment cost?
Figure around $30 to $60 per person for a full day rental of mask, marker, tank and unlimited compressed air refills. It varies by field. Rental packages allow testing the sport before buying gear.

What’s the most cost-effective paintball marker for beginners?
The Tippmann Cronus is a proven semi-auto mechanical marker widely used as a rental. Reliable, durable, and accurate. Retails around $150 new so it’s affordable for beginners.

How many paintballs do most people use in a day?
For recreational play, expect to use 500 to 1,000 paintballs in a full day. More avid players may use 2,000 or more. Buy more than you think you’ll need. You can take extras home but can’t get more mid-day at some fields.

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How much does a basic paintball setup cost?
You can get started with mask, marker, tank and loader for around $300 to $400 buying entry-level gear. Mid-range equipment runs $500 to $800. Buying quality used gear can save money initially.

What’s better CO2 or compressed air?
Compressed air is far superior and the standard for modern markers. CO2 is inconsistent in cold weather. Compressed air provides consistent velocity and is available for refills at any field.


The cost of buying 100 paintballs can range from as low as $10 for basic recreational grades to $50 or more for high-end tournament grades. With recreational paint, a beginner can equip themselves with mask, marker, tank and loader for around $300. While not a cheap sport, paintball provides a thrill and adrenaline rush that aficionados say is unparalleled. With some smart shopping, it’s an exciting sport that can provide hours of fun per dollar spent. The enjoyment gained from a day battling friends and foes on the paintball field can make the investment well worth it

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