How many paintballs should I buy for a day

Paintball is an exciting outdoor sport where players eliminate opponents by hitting them with round capsules filled with paint called paintballs. When heading out for a day of paintball, one of the key things you’ll need to determine is how many paintballs to buy and bring with you. Here are some tips on estimating the ideal paintball supply for a day of playing this action-packed game.

Factors That Influence Paintball Usage

The number of paintballs needed per person for a day of paintball can vary based on several factors:

  • Number of players – The more people playing, the more paintballs will be shot overall. Plan on buying more if you have a large group.
  • Length of play – Are you playing for a quick 1-2 hours, or will you be out all day? Naturally, the longer you play, the more paintballs you’ll go through.
  • Play style – Some players take more shots than others. Aggressive players who take more risks will need more paintballs than cautious players.
  • Marker efficiency – Higher end paintball markers waste less CO2 and paint per shot. With an inefficient marker, you may need more shots to eliminate opponents.

Recommended Paintball Amounts

As a general rule of thumb, here are some recommended paintball amounts for a full day of playing:

  • Casual play – 200-300 paintballs per person
  • Competitive tournament play – 500-800+ paintballs per person

For shorter 1-3 hour outings, you can often get by with 100-200 paintballs per person.

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When in doubt, always err on the side of bringing more rather than less. You can usually return unopened containers of unused paintballs after your day of play. Having to stop and buy more part way through your outing isn’t ideal.

Buying Options

When purchasing paintballs, you’ll usually get the best deal buying in bulk:

  • 2000 count cases – Best for very frequent players who go through high volumes.
  • 500-1000 count bags/boxes – Good compromise between bulk discount and avoiding waste.
  • 100-200 count bags – For infrequent or first-time players.

You can also buy refilled paintballs for less cost, though consistency and breakage rates may be lower than new paint. Most fields now require high-quality paint only.

Final Tips

  • Communicate with your group prior to estimate total needs
  • Bring extra paintballs beyond your own personal supply for emergencies
  • Use a gear bag or backpack designed to carry multiple pods and boxes of paint
  • Consider buying high-visibility orange or bright paintballs if playing outdoors

With the right amount of paintballs and gear, you’ll be set for an awesome day shooting your friends and rivals on the paintball battlefield. Stay safe and have fun!


Q: What type of paintball marker should I use?

A: For beginners, a good entry-level marker is a Tippmann 98 Custom. Intermediate players may upgrade to electropneumatic guns like the Planet Eclipse EMEK 100 or Etha 2. Advanced tournament-level markers include the Dye M3+ or Planet Eclipse CS2.

Q: How much do paintballs cost?

A: The average cost for mid to high-quality paintballs is $50-60 per 2000 count case, or around 2-3 cents per ball. Low-end paint can be as cheap as $30 per 2000 but may have more inconsistencies and breaks.

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Q: Should I clean my paintball marker barrel regularly?

A: Yes, it’s good to clean your marker barrel every few times you play, especially if using lower-quality paintballs that can leave more residue and buildup. Use a squeegee, pull-through swab, or barrel cleaner to maintain accuracy.

Q: What gear should I wear for paintball?

A: Always wear a paintball mask. Other recommended gear includes a long sleeve shirt and pants, padded gloves, chest protector, knee/elbow pads, and cleats or boots. This will protect you from welts and help you traverse the terrain.

Q: Can paintballs freeze and break in cold weather?

A: Yes, paintballs can freeze in very cold temperatures below 35°F. Use winter grade paintballs rated for low temps, and keep your supply in an insulated bag or pocket until ready to load in your hopper.

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